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Livingston Community Trust

Funding Policies

1. The Trust will accept grant applications for projects from corporations, civic bodies, local governments, and other groups whose functions are to benefit the community of Park County, Montana.

2. No grant will be made unless and until the grantee has committed a hard dollar match amount to be spent on the project that is at least 10 percent of the cost of the project. Depending on the project, a significantly higher match amount may be required.

3. Grants for the following types of groups and uses will not be made:

— Religious purposes
— Endowment funds
— Political organizations, campaigns and candidates
— Activities normally paid for by taxes
— Scholarships
— Groups from outside of Park County, Montana

These policies are provided as standards and guidelines for the applicant but should not be considered as rigid and inflexible. Our statement of purpose and funding policies and procedures will be widely interpreted to help stimulate new ideas so as to not discourage imagination and innovation.

Funding Procedures

1. Applications are accepted throughout the year and generally grant decisions will be made on a quarterly basis. Applicants will receive a response within 90 days of submitting an application. Often interviews, on-site inspection, financial data and other information will be required from a Board of Directors' committee for a recommendation upon an application. Get Application

2. If a grant is awarded, recipients must sign a grant agreement. Funds are forwarded to the organization in accordance with an approved budget and must comply with conditions the Foundation may establish.

3. Recipients must maintain books and financial records that separately account for the funds received. They must also retain those records and books and make them available to the Foundation for at least four years following completion of the project.

4. Recipients must submit progress reports to the Foundation semiannually, or as directed, with final evaluation reports due within 30 days of the completion of the project. The Foundation may make periodic site visits and may occasionally enlist the assistance of consultants to evaluate projects.

5. Funds not expended on the project must be returned at the end of the grant period.

6. The Trust may withdraw pledged funds if at any time the grantee:

  • Violates any of the terms of the grant agreement
  • departs materially from the intent of the grant agreement
  • is involved in any illegal activities

7. If you feel your organization meets the criteria described, please fill out the application and mail it to:

The Livingston Community Trust
PO Box 1223
Livingston, MT 59047

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